Novella, Suspense

Novella, Suspense

Watched (A Novella of Suspense)

They’re watching you... 

Ron Dunn is desperate to heal a loveless marriage and draw in a distant child. When Ron buys a new home in the suburbs of Los Angeles to try and mend the fences of broken relationships everything changes. 

When the Dunn family settle into the house they notice a surveillance camera left behind. Not terribly odd for living in the backyard of Hollywood. But, what if the camera is connected to something else? Something beyond?

In this fast-paced suspense novella you’ll witness a family on the brink of destruction. Who can they trust? Are they being watched, or imagining the entire ordeal? Will the camera have the last say?

Grab a copy of Watched today, and find out the fate of the Dunn’s!