Middle Grade Fiction (7-12), Action Adventure

Middle Grade Fiction (7-12), Action Adventure

Mysterious Pirates of the Pacific (The Ricky Rayburn Chronicles, Book 2)

The Rayburns must stop a group of mysterious pirates before they harm more sea life. 

Ricky Rayburn and his family are not your ordinary suburbanites. They’re on a mission to stop evil wherever its found. But when their next adventure takes them to the middle of the Pacific Ocean—they’re in for the ride of their lives. 

New Era Labs appears to be a harmless organization doing research in the ocean. But when Ricky and his dad do some snooping around everything changes. Niles Bartholomew and a group of mysterious pirates are up to no good and time is running out.

Ricky must come up with a plan to stop these monsters, save the animals from more harm, and prove he’s a worthy adventurer. Not much to ask for a week long family vacation on a cruise in Mexico. 

Will Ricky show he’s ready for the adventurer life? Or will the pirates win and prove middle school students aren’t cut out for this kind of work?  

Join Ricky and his family for another installment of their action packed and funny adventures in saving the world.