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Works in Progress: Children's Book (2) for National Novel Writing Month

So National Novel Writing Month is almost here. Tonight is Halloween, and the eve of one of my favorite highlights of the year, writing a novel in 30 days with a bunch of crazies.

This year, I’m making it a family affair. I’ve recruited some of the best storytellers I know. My sons Noah (ten) and Owen (six). They churn out stories and book ideas like crazy. And because I’ve never written a kid’s chapter book, they are helping me understand the inner workings of a solid book for little humans. A book kid’s will read when the iPad is vying for their attention.  

What makes a good kid’s book you ask? Action, Dad, lots of action. And fighting, and swords, and a kid lead character. Got it. 

So were writing a poor man’s Indiana Jones tale, actually, two of them. The first book in the series is called Secret of the Ambassadors. The titles might change. 

A story about a family named the Rayburn’s who are an adventuresome clan. They go on a family vacation in the desert and come to find a group called The Ambassadors stealing all the water in the area. They are selling the water to some bad people in another part of the country and the people will die if not stopped. Cool, right? My kid’s came up with the entire thing.

Ricky who is the twelve-year-old oldest son is the main character. I will tell the story from his perspective. He wants so bad to be like his dad and be an awesome adventurer, but his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. He kind of gets thrown into finding his way when things get dark in the book.

Second story is same family now on a fishing trip in the ocean. They stumble upon some rogue scientists who are killing the wildlife in the sea. More funny and adventure will ensue. Another great, idea, right? Like the last one, Ricky is not allowed to fight crime just yet. But, he always gets himself in some kind of trouble. 

We have basic characters, settings, back story, and scene ideas. But not much else. I prefer to discover the story as I go. That’s the fun of writing fiction. If you know the end already what fun is that?

Like Stephen King once said,

“It’s like making a cake and eating it to when you know the ending.”

I will post some of my pages online and give sporadic updates on the journey. I’m so excited to write this book with my little guys and can’t wait to see what ideas they continue to feed me. 

As I write, I will give them pages for their feedback. We can course correct as we go. 

Thanks for following along! Should be a blast!