Forget All the Writer Advice and Write Your Face Off. You're Welcome.


Today is the eve of National Novel Writing Month. You in? Try it… if anything, it teaches you how to start and finish something, and working with deadlines.

Wait, sorry, no advice on this one.

Here’re some quasi-no-advice on writing.

Write your face off.

Let your imagination run wild like when you we’re a child. Before the fear and uncertainty and paying the bills were a thing. Forget about all the adult stuff that sucked out the child inside and the awe and wonder.

Just write like that kid who dreamed of being King, Hemingway, Dahl, or Lee. Write with no boundaries, and no wrongs, and only rights.

Who gives a crap… if you plot with a ten thousand word outline, or pants like a pant-less crazy person in Times Square. Write, just write, and keep putting one word after the other.

I don’t care if you write in a coffee shop, library, car, quiet dungeon space in the basement, or on top of a tree with fairies feeding you grapes, and filling up your tea cup.

Don’t care, write already, write with unashamed abandon and from the heart and from the gut. Write for the love. But you must write!

This month is not about perfection and publicity and whether your project is publishable (and other P’s). You’re going to write because you have to. We’ll write because there’s something deep in our bones that won’t have it any other way.

It doesn’t matter if you write 1000, 2000, or 3000 word scenes. If you write with Scrivener, Word, Pages, or on an Etch-a-Sketch. This is a writing advice free zone.

No obsessing over if we’re doing it right, if it’s good, or whether its “there” or “their.” Just write… and keep putting one word after the other.

Writers block is nothing when we write free. When we outrun the fear and panic and sleep deprivation.

I don’t care if you need Bach or heavy metal music playing in the background. If you use pen and paper or shards of glass. Just write and keep on writing.

Most writing advice boils down to: put butt in chair and write, and repeat.

That’s what we will do. Every day, for thirty days, until we see our word count hit: 50,000.

You can do it!

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