Drops in a Bucket


I live in the Midwest and we've been pummeled this summer with rain. When it pours our garage leaks. Nothing massive but enough to need a couple buckets to keep it under control.

A couple times a week I’ll check the bucket to make sure it’s not overflowing onto the ground. No problems. A drip here and there doesn’t make a huge dent in the capacity of the buckets.

But when it rains two, three, and maybe six inches of rain in a short span the bucket fills. Add more weeks of rain, maybe a couple months. Now the buckets do not hold back the building torrent of water.

Drops in a bucket. Drip, drip, and drip. Not much for concern.

This is how writing a book works. Make that… this is how life works.

A drop here and a drop there makes little difference it seems. A few more words to the manuscript… a day off… a couple more writing sprints.  Some progress.

But when you add in those drops of writing over a week, month, six months, and a year there’s something happening. Something good.

Most writing seems invisible. Each day we sit at our writing desk and only can think about the mounds of words needed to finish.

Drop… drop.

We spend our days doing tasks that seem invisible. Drop… drop.

Does it matter what I do today?

Life is about little drops in the bucket and little practices. They don’t make the news and often feel like a waste of time.

But over one, two, and thirty years. The progress and work left behind is worthwhile.

Your bucket may only have a few drops of water in the bottom. But keep adding words. Before long you’ll be amazed at what might surface.

You might have a flood in the garage.