Did you ship lousy stuff today? You should.


Seth Godin said the only way to fight creative resistance is to:

“Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, but ship. Ship constantly.”

The only proven remedy for resisting writers block, fear, or resistance… is to ship. As Godin quips, ship often, and constantly.

Shipping is about sharing. Sharing is about outrunning fear. When we refuse to pull the trigger on a creative project, idea, or conversation, most likely the lizard brain is at work. The part of us that says:

Stop, don’t do it, not now, you’re not ready, a pile of crap, wait…

The goal of the writer is not to reflect on the finer points of verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Contemplate the history of language and its impact on society. These are excuses to not ship often, and constantly. No writer ever says:

I will start this project with no intention of shipping.

Those are words of wannabes, hobbyists, and phonies. The pro ships oftenconstantly, and when it’s lousy.

In software development circles they call it an MVP (minimum viable product). When our work is created, edited, and polished there comes a point of no return.

Let it live and breathe. Give it legs and allow it to walk. See if she has wings to make a dent in the universe. And then do it again, again, and again.

Ship constantly.

I live under the banner of perfection demons. Despite living in a world I know is flawed and begging for healing. And yet, for my writing, there’s a nagging resistance that won’t let me ship. I need another pass, one more set of eyes, and a fourteenth draft.

Instead of standing and delivering, I quiver and shake, allowing lizard brain to win.

But writing is about delivering the goods. Even when we’re not ready. What separates the pros and wannabes is whether they ship… or not.

Not to ship is like ordering a steak and letting it cool and handing it to the dog.

Shipping and sharing builds a creative muscle. A confidence which comes from starting, finishing, and sharing something. After I’ve shipped hundreds of articles, and fourteen books, something breaks open.

This something is not ease. Fear, resistance, and doubt are always crouching at the door with each new project.

But I will ship. I’ve seen the Promised Land.

Will it be good? Your guess is as good as mine. Writing is subjective and connection are because of many factors beyond this article.

I will ship often and see what happens. Some will be home runs and others solid singles up the middle. But the difference between the pro and amateur is one takes a swing, and the other watches the ball for strike three.

The difference between a pro and hobbyist is one truth:

one ships, the other doesn’t.

What are you going to ship today?

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