What If For a Moment Everything Was All Right?

Tom Petty in a concert asked: could we imagine for a moment everything is all right? Not a bad exercise to practice. We know our lives and world aren’t the way they’re supposed to be.

But I thought about the question and you do get glimpses of when everything “seems” to be okay. Like for a moment, small moment, sin is not a thing, evil has been banished, and people are decent. Birth of a child, wedding day, concert…?

Yes, concerts. I’ve had more than one time in my life while attending a concert that the world seemed to fade away. All its pain, sorrow, and my own, gone. I know it’s not true, but for a moment, with thousands of other people: everything seemed all right. 

Music has that kind of power. Moments of serenity. I think the universe is made and sustained by a musical Creator. That’s why for moments of time, we can experience everything appearing to be okay… maybe. 

The anthem of eternity will include lots of singing. Maybe that’s the clue.

Here’s a little Tom Petty. One of my favorite songs (Wildflowers):