The Sweetness of Jesus (Jonathan Edwards Quote)

Jonathan Edwards from a sermon, "Christ Light of the World."

“There is scarcely anything that is excellent, beautiful, pleasant, or profitable but what is used in the Scripture as the emblem of Christ. He is called a lion for his great power, victory, and glorious conquests; he is called a lamb for his great love, pity, and compassion: for that merciful, compassionate, condescending, lamblike disposition of his; for his humility, meekness, and great patience, and because he was slain like a lamb. He was brought as a lamb to the slaughter, so he opened not his mouth. He is called the bread of life and water of life, for the spiritual refreshment and nourishment he gives to the soul; he is called the true vine, because he communicates life to his members, and yields that comfort to the soul that refreshes it as the fruit of the vine doth the body; he is called life, for he is life of the soul. He is called rose and lily, and other such similitudes, because of his transcendent beauty and fragrancy. He is called the bright and morning star, and the sun of righteousness; and in our text, the light of the world, of which it is our business at present to speak. -Jonathan Edwards (Works 10, 535), quoted from Jonathan Edwards on Beauty by Owen Strachan, pp. 73.