The Rick Rayburn Chronicles Book 2 Live!

Ricky Rayburn is at it again!

Hey, friends and family!

I've come out of the writing cave and finally finished Mysterious Pirates of the Pacific. 

If you've been following along, my sons and I, wrote two kid's action adventure books end of last year. Secrets of the Ambassadors launched July 1, and now Book 2 is back from the editors, designers, and magical book ferries.

We are proud of how this story came out, and of course, we love the last one too!

If you have children, grandchildren, friends, family, ages 7-12, check it out. We wrote the book for kid's who might be "reluctant readers." These books move fast, are funny, and filled with action and mystery. 

Who doesn't like that?

On sale for $0.99. We will have print versions available in about a week. Stay tuned!

Thanks for following along!