Glimpses of Grace When Words Fall Flat

Public Domain

Sometimes words fall flat. You try to describe the epic concert or latest meal with an audience of confused eyes. 

Christian faith can be this way. Trying to describe God or the experience of salvation or life with Jesus more often than not is difficult with the words afforded to us. 

But occasionally you get a glimpse, a taste, or hear a story of what life with God looks like. Maybe the reason Jesus used to tell stories and use parables to get his message of the Kingdom across. 

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last couple of weeks the death of Billy Graham has passed through the media cycle numerous times. Stories and clips of his integrity, humility, and affect his ministry had on the American consciousness. But one story stood out for me. 

A story told at his funeral by his daughter Ruth. A story giving a glimpse into what God is like. What happens when people encounter the living and gracious Savior Jesus Christ. 

At the core of Christian faith is the welcoming arms of a loving Father to his prodigals. And the good news of the gospel is every human is a prodigal. 

Check out this four-minute clip from Ruth Graham describing a story about her father, Billy.