Do the Work

“Don’t think. Act. We can always revise and revisit once we’ve acted. But we can accomplish nothing until we act.” -Steven Pressfield "Do the Work"

What is the key to all success? Do the work. What separates the pro from the amateur? Do the work. 

Weekly I hear about the next aspiring novelist. How many words did you do today? Crickets.

Weekly I hear about the aspiring pastor. Who are you pastoring now? What training are you pursuing? What pastors are you being mentored by? What are you reading? Crickets. 

The pro doesn't wait for inspiration or the Muse. They do the work. Make the ask. Find the help.

The pro doesn't consume endless amounts of content and media. They are too busy doing the work. Twenty hours of Netflix a week is the barrier between starting the ministry, finishing a book, or deepening a relationship.

Pros are warriors in protecting their time for what matters most.

Everyday is an opportunity to get a little better by doing the work. Everyday is another opportunity to hone your craft by doing the work. Everyday is a chance to deepen that relationship by putting in more work. 

You might not be the best in your area of expertise, field, or discipline. But those who put in the work everyday, don't make excuses, serve those around them, and give more than take.

These people will be truly successful. Pros.

"We can accomplish nothing until we act." Steven Pressfield