Change is good. Why I'm wiping the slate clean?

I’ve written thousands of articles and blog posts on a variety of subjects in the last fifteen years. Written fifteen non fiction and fiction works on a variety of subjects. Theology, leadership, productivity, writing craft, Christian inspiration, church ministry, crime adventures mystery, and suspense. More to come. 

Most of the time I write to work out my thinking and thoughts on a subject. Other times writing is cathartic and healing for pain and turmoil in the soul. I write because I have no choice. Write because I love exploring made up worlds in my head. I love expressing myself and accessing the creative itch and serving people with words. 

But sometimes pivoting and change is good. Not giving up on the written word or publishing books. No way. But sometimes you see particular subjects seem to resonate with me (which is most important), and others following along. The pressure to fit into a certain box is extreme on the inter webs. I’ve fallen prey to only writing what I’m supposed to write… whatever that means. 

You’re supposed to niche down and write what people want. Write what you know, and only what you know. But the problem is I’m a curious person. I have many interests on a wide spectrum. The advice to write one thing, and only one thing is boring. Blogs and personal websites supposed to be digital playgrounds to express ourselves and share our art. Whether or not you have thousands of daily reads. 

Every day, you feel pressure to write on a subject to prove expertise. What is expertise anyway? You’re supposed to be prolific on one subject and only one subject. 

The problem is the moment you lay your soul bare and share something of significance. All anyone wants to do is pick a fight and prove you wrong. We’ve lost the grace and encouragement of days past. The internet has created this weird place wherever has an opinion and no checks and balances for when someone gets blasted for sharing an idea.

So I’m throwing out the common wisdom and advice of the inter-webs dungeon masters and doing my thing. I will write what I want to write. What I know best. Me.

Selfish, maybe. But maybe not as selfish as what you might think. I want to write about what I’m writing. Share what I’m working on. Like two novels I’m working on for National Novel Writing Month in November.

I want to share stories I’m working on. Lessons learned in marriage and parenting. Lessons learned with living life under the sun. I want to share cool new things in pop culture worth reading, watching, or experiencing. Maybe some reflections on the Bible.

I want to share more of me. Not what I’m expected to write about, whatever that means. Maybe people will follow along. Maybe they won’t. No problem. 

I’ve always written because there’s nothing in my life as helpful and good for my soul for expressing the pains and joys of life. This by no means makes faith in Jesus or my family second fiddle. But this art form is a gift from God and hopefully used for some good in the world.

You might see some new videos, podcasts, and other media on the site who knows. It’s mine and I’ll do whatever I want with it. 

Thanks for hearing me out. Change is good. Change is scary. But I’m glad you’re here for the ride.