Thien Doan on Starting the Writing Journey and Early Success | TPW Podcast Ep 043


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Thien Doan knows the realities of humble beginnings. Refugee family from Vietnam barely scraping by, influence of drugs in the home, and a spiritual quest beginning in high school causing tension in the family. Despite the turmoil of early life, Dr. Doan found a new calling, a calling to write. Listen in as Thien discusses his victories and failures after writing and publishing his first books. Be encouraged, inspired, and challenged no matter where you're at in the writing journey. Find Thien H. Doan at Prolific Writer Takeaways:

  1. You need a consistent writing habit.
  2. Seek internal purpose (not external)- your why?
  3. Start small, go deep, but dream big.
  4. Read tons of craft and business books.
  5. Balance public and private life.

Recommended Resources:

  1. Fiction- Vince Flynn books
  2. Non Fiction- Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
  3. Software- Grammarly and Hemingway
  4. TV/Movie- The Orville and Lonesome Dove
  5. Podcasts- Petal to the Metal and James Altucher

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