Monica Leonelle on Building Your Writing Speed | TPW Podcast Ep 036


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Monica Leonelle is a best selling fiction and non ficiton author. But she wasn't always slinging words and publishing multiple books a year. Her career path took her to a safe and stable corporate software engineering job. While taking the path of least resistance Monica knew she was made for more. Listen in and be inspired by the twists and turns of Monica's story and writing journey. You can find Monica at:

Key Highlights (how to write faster):

  1. Keep track of your word counts.
  2. Write for twenty five minute bursts and take a break (Pomodoro Technique).
  3. Try dictation for more speed.

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Write Better Faster- Monica's book on building speed.
  2. Dragon Dictate- dictation software (best out there).
  3. 5 Day Mini Course- writing hacks to get you unstuck!