Ryan J. Pelton, a fiction and nonfiction writer from Kansas City, Missouri.

That guy is up to no good…

That guy is up to no good…

Now first person… Hello. My name is Ryan J. Pelton. I’m a genre-hopping author/writer from Kansas City, Missouri, learn more here. I write an almost-weekly newsletter, where I give away free books, stories, discounts, share updates, interesting links, things I’m thinking about, and other cool stuff. Think of the newsletter as a note from a friend. You can subscribe here. My latest book of fiction is Mysterious Pirates of the Pacific, a middle grade novel. The one before that in the series is Secrets of the Ambassadors. My latest nonfiction book is The Gospel Marinated Life. I’ve written over seventeen books, novels, novellas, and short stories. I also have a popular writing podcast/website which helps indie writers get unstuck, make an impact with their words, and publish their work. Social media gives me a rash, so subscribe to the VIP List/newsletter and gain better to access to my brain cavity.

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The Books

I write fiction and nonfiction for adults and kid’s. A little something for everyone.


The Journal

I’m one of the few that still writes consistently on their blog. I like to write about a variety of things: inspiring quotes, faith, family, art, pop culture, and share updates on my writing. I call it a journal because it sounds pretentious.


Stay social

Social media gives me a rash. I’m more of a post-er of links, sharing of cool stuff my friends are doing, pics of family/bacon/records, and things I find interesting. I don’t interact much on the socials, but love posting on Instagram. You can find me on most of the main “social” sites. But I’d prefer we interact in person, email, phone, or via my newsletter. That’s how I roll, and I know it’s not for everyone. But no one is forcing you to be here, right?