Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction

Hired Gun (Antique Assassin Crime Series, Book 1)

The debut rip-roaring, high-octane, and Missouri-sized crime series from Ryan J. Pelton, featuring newbie assassins Dexter O’Kane and John Wood.

Six months earlier, Dexter O’Kane buries his wife and child after a tragic car accident. While he mourns the loss of his family and hangs onto the threads of a failing antique collecting business. Dexter and his best friend John Wood witness a murder in their hometown of LeClaire, Missouri.

The local police of LeClaire aren’t able to stop the serial killer as bodies pile up. In a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, Dexter and John are offered a business opportunity, which requires taking matters into their own hands.

Amidst losing his reason for living Dexter must discover a new normal. He must find a part of himself laying dormant. Will Dexter be able to walk the line of love, loss, and suffering, while stopping a killer… or die trying?

Hired Gun is chockfull of mystery, laughs, heart, and butt-kicking adventure. Dexter and John are a welcomed duo into the canon of crime novels.

For fans of: Joe R. Lansdale (Hap and Leonard), Elmore Leonard (Raylan Givens- Justified), Craig Johnson (Longmire).