A Short bio

Ryan J. Pelton makes words, which, appear later in the form of articles, blog posts, books, and poems. Lots and lots of words make lots and lots of books. Considering how you stumbled on his digital playground it makes a lot of sense. Ryan has written a popular crime novel series called: Antique Assassin. He also writes nonfiction, on subjects ranging from creativity, leadership, productivity, and spirituality from a Christian perspective. Ryan is a bacon connoisseur, music enthusiast, sports fan, reading addict, grace junkie, and loves spending time with his wife and four kid’s. He reads, writes, nurses a Diet Coke addiction, and lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Harrison Ford, yes that one, me, and my oldest son, Noah. That's how we roll.

More About Me...

I'm not big on Bio’s, and spewing out random details about my work and ordinary life. I've done some of that on the front page of this site, and above. But, how about an FAQ?  Here are some common questions I often get:


When we're you born? July 1, 1979, two months premature. I like to remind my wife, and family, that I'm a walking miracle, and they need to treat me as such. And I still need naps because I'm catching up on sleep from being a premature baby. This excuse has not worked well. 

Where have you lived? Born in Long Beach California. I lived in Southern California until I was twenty five. God punished me, and sent me to a cold and sunless world called Western Michigan (2004-2007). A brief stint in Colorado, thank you Lord (2007-2009), and now Kansas City, Missouri since 2009. Go Chiefs!


Do you have a family? Met my wife senior year of high school. Been with this lovely lady since 1996, unless you count the brief breakup that lasted one semester of college. I thought it was mutual until two days later when I changed my mind. She relented after I convinced her of the emptiness she'd experience without me. We got married June 2, 2001.

My wife is a saint for putting up with my shenanigans. We have three boys, girl, and a daughter in heaven. And a dog which lives in our imaginations.

Where'd you go to school? Long Beach Unified: Bircham Elementary, Valley Christian for middle and high school, Cypress Community College (1997-99), Biola Univeristy (1999-2001), go Eagles, B.A. in Christian Eduction, Calvin Theological Seminary (2004-2007), M.A.. School of Hard Knocks, daily.

What do you do on this blog? I write about what interests me, things I'm curious about, books I'm writing, questions I'm asking, stuff I'm learning, and everything that makes me giggle. Humor is very subjective. I also blog about the writing craft and creative on Medium.com and The Prolific Writer. 

Are you a Christian? Yes. I've been haunted by Christ, and a self-diagnosed Grace Junkie, since 1996. I also started two churches (one in 2005) and have been leading a second one since 2009.

You have written many books. Are they all Christian books?  Seventeen and counting. No. First, I don't think books can be Christian. They don't have a soul and can't be in relationship with the Divine. Second, if you mean, do I write for Christian audiences, yes, and no.

I started writing and publishing in 2011 with titles for my local church. They are written for leadership development, productivity, studying the Bible, how to live the Christian life, and some other devotional stuff.

What started as a way to serve my church, now, these books are available for public consumption, and many people seem to enjoy them. I also will be publishing some nonfiction for writers/creatives coming out in 2018. 

What about your fiction? Are they Christian? No. See comments above. I've always loved reading and writing fiction. Since the third grade, I've been reading, telling, and writing stories, mostly for my own enjoyment. But in 2012, I started getting serious about fiction, and wrote some stories with a friend. Later in 2012, I participated in National Novel Writing Month, and completed my first novel. Since 2015, I've published five novels, two novellas, and some short stories. More in the works. I've also published two children's middle grade novels, The Ricky Rayburn Chronicles.  

Do you use pen names? Not any more. I'm all in with Ryan J. Pelton enterprises. Nonfiction, fiction, and children's literature all written by my birth name. Most of my books are available on Amazon (ebook, print, and some audio).  

Why don't you write Christian fiction? See above. Books don't have a soul, and the ones I've seen, like Amish Romance or End Times silliness, don't represent the Christian community well. Some people are called to write for Christians only. I hope to expand my reach and bridge different audiences and communities. C.S. Lewis said the first job of a writer is to tell a good story, that's what I'm trying to do. I hope my worldview comes through, but that's not the goal when I write. I follow the voices in my head wherever they lead. And unfortunately, I have a lot of them. 

How does being a a pastor help your writing? You have a front row seat to extreme pain, suffering, sorrow, joy, and you meet really interesting people. Pastors see the human condition in all its beauty and brokenness. And, of course, glimpses of redemption, joy, and transformation... what great fuel for telling stories, and writing books, right?

*Side note: don't mess with me, or you might make it into my next book. 

Starting two nonprofits (churches) has also been invaluable for understanding people, leadership, business, marketing, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and I could go on and on.

I heard you help writers. Is that true? Yes. In December 2016, I started a podcast called The Prolific Writer. I wanted to interview prolific writers, share my experiences, and give inspiration and tips, after writing and publishing many books. We also try and help people build businesses with their words through education.

The podcast has become way more popular than expected. Check it out if you are a word-slinger, or want to be. And, I've run an indie publishing company since 2012, Prolific Writer Press. We are always looking for new writers and people needing helping in writing and publishing. 

Can you help me with my book project? Email me. 

Can I talk to you about coaching, consulting, writing for us, speaking at our church, or speaking at our writers/leadership/business event? Email me.

How do you get so much done? When you love what you do, the time seems to find you. Coffee and Diet Coke helps too. A wife who knows I'm a little crazy, added bonus. And I'm a robot...

Is that really you and Harrison Ford in the photo above? Yes, and my son Noah. My dad is friends with Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Really sweet guy!