TPW 092: Lynne Hinton on the Healing Power of Writing

Lynne Hinton is the author of twenty books, including the NY Times Bestseller, Friendship Cake and Pie Town, the 2011 NM Book of the Year: Fiction/Adventure, Drama Category and 2011 National Federation of Press Women's Fiction Book of the Year. Her latest book The View from Here is available now. In this interview, Ryan and Lynne discuss the role seminary played in her calling to write, how faith and art are not enemies, why she doesn't use an outline, the changing landscape of traditional publishing, how storytelling can heal, and much more. You can find Lynne Hinton at:

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The Joy of Missing Out

The fear of missing out, FOMO, is killing us. That all we have is now, the next opportunity for growth or experience is guaranteed to fix our boring and joyless lives.

Ask the attendees to the Fyre Festival how that worked out.

Svend Brinkmann, a Danish psychologist, has written a new book warning about FOMO, and her cousin, the personal growth movement. He says the movement is a:

“… rampant development culture that knows no boundaries.”

Brinkmann argues that FOMO goes against the nature of our humanity. People can’t be plugged in all the time. Humans have boundaries and limitations. Sorry Tony Robbins, there’s a limit to human potential. We’re not God.

Instead, Brinkmann argues for disengagement, and what Aristotle suggested moderation in all things. A culture with overwhelming amounts of choice is psychologically damaging, and what he calls the hedonic treadmill.

Missing out is an ethical necessity Brinkmann suggests:

“We are only able to live up to our obligations as human beings if we are willing to miss out on something in order to be there for other, specific, people.”

Missing out requires sacrifice for the greater good. The good of the people and responsibilities right in our midst. That somewhere else is where we find gold and hidden treasure is just a narrative we build in our heads to deal with our ordinary lives.

But in the ordinary and mundane and routine we find much joy and grace. I think it’s time we get off the treadmill and unplug a bit.


TPW Motivation Monday's 006: Writing Motivation from Tom Brady

In another installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan explores some writer motivation from an unlikely source: Tom Brady. Brady might be the best quarterback of all time, but he offers great advice for writers and publishers wanting to go to the next level. More writing resources:

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TPW 091: Brinton Woodall on Overcoming Obstacles for the Writing Dream

Brinton J. Woodall was born in the Bronx, New York. During his childhood years numerous educators voiced to Brinton that he was learning disabled and would not graduate from high school. Nonetheless, Brinton excelled triumphing a multitude of obstacles and graduated from high school in 2008. He later would graduate college in three years, and now has written five books. In this episode, Ryan and Brinton talk about overcoming obstacles in writing, how to publish with a small budget, how shorter books work in our digital age, why editing is worth the money, and much more. You can find Brinton and his books on Amazon and all social media platforms:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 005: The One About Language

In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan discusses one of the hang ups of every writer, language. Are my prose flowery enough? Do I use punctuation and grammar correctly? Does it matter? More writer resources:

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TPW 090: Ruth Amos on Just Do It!

Ruth Amos has a PHD in chemistry, and spent the last ten years teaching in universities. But not anymore. She's living the full time author dream and not looking back. Join Ryan and Ruth, as they discuss finding time to write with a full time gig, why knowing reader expectation in your genre is essential, the importance of having a support system for the writing life, best writing advice ever, and much more. You can find Ruth and her books at:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 004: What Are You Doing Between 8-12?

In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan explores how to find time to write. All the complaints, excuses, and noise in the world. How will we get the work done?

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TPW 089: How to Write a Novel Without an Outline?

In this episode, Ryan tackles a topic that only few dare to tread: writing a novel without an outline. Much writing advice and many books have been written on how to outline a novel. How about scrapping the outline and writing into the dark? Ryan will show you how. More writer resources:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 003: Nobody Cares About Your Writing Career

In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan discusses the freedom writers can find by one simple truth: nobody cares about you. It's a hard truth, but a necessary one for having a long term writing career. 

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TPW 088: Jim Heskett on Writing Smart Thrillers

Jim Heskett is an award-winning author, a world traveler, podcaster, purveyor of TV, movie, book reviews, and writing advice. In this interview, Ryan and Jim discuss his journey from screenwriting to novels, the reason he chooses to primarily indie publish, thriller tropes, finding time to build a backlist with full-time work, tips on craft from his own process, and much more. Find Jim and his work:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 002: What Will It Take in 2019?

Welcome to another installment of Motivation Monday's. In this episode, Ryan discusses what it will take to reach your writing goals for 2019. It might sound simple, but it's the path for every writer and creative. More writing resources:

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TPW 087: Jo Ho on Persistence and Pushing Boundaries

Jo Ho is a self-taught, award-winning British screenwriter, director and now, author, who gained her first broadcast credit when she created and wrote one of CBBC’s most ambitious productions in history, the action packed-fantasy, SPIRIT WARRIORS starring Jessica Henwick (GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and Marvel's IRON FIST) and Benedict Wong (DOCTOR STRANGE, MARCO POLO). Now, in addition to screenwriting, Jo has penned multiple Young Adult novels, including her popular Chase Ryder series. In this interview Ryan and Jo explore how she felt stifled in screenwriting and wanted the full canvas of a novel, why persistence and pushing boundaries in our creativity is essential for success, how you can teach yourself new skills, and much, much, more. You can find Jo:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 001: Writing Goals, Resolutions, and Challenges

Join Ryan every Monday to get your writing week kicked off in the right direction. In this episode, Ryan explores the place of writing resolutions, goals, and challenges. If you aren't thinking about your writing goals for 2019, it's not too late. More writing resources:

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TPW 086: Write a Novel in 45 Days (2 Year Anniversary Show)

In this two year anniversary episode, Ryan walks through a step-by-step blueprint for writing a novel in 45 days (or less). He's used this same process to write seven novels of his own. Writing at a prolific pace is not the enemy of quality, and Ryan explains why taking years (or months) to complete a novel may be working against your best efforts. Find Ryan and more writing resources at:

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TPW 085: A.J. Flowers on the Day Job Myth

Fantasy author A.J. Flowers (AKA: Alyssa Flowers), has written 10+ books in the last couple years, and found a rabid audience for her stories. And she's done it all with a demanding day job. Join Ryan and Alyssa as they discuss why having a day job doesn't have to hold you back as a writer, how Alyssa has used a traditional publishing mindset to create quality work, why good covers matter, how writing the next book is your best marketing, and much more. Find Alyssa and her work at:

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TPW 084: How Do I Fund My Writing Habit?

So you've finished your manuscript and want to hit publish. But you're low on funds, scratch, the cash. What now? In this episode, Ryan discusses free, cheap, and creative ways to fund your writing habit. Too many writers are wasting money on services they don't need, or paying way too much. Ryan will show you how to create quality work without breaking the bank. You can subscribe to the show and find other resources at:

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TPW 082: Kenny Sills on Finding Your Next Story Idea

Kenny Sills is not afraid of a fight. He has spent the last twenty years learning the skills of martial arts and is now the owner of a studio focused on teaching children and young adults. While martial arts has taught the finer points of self defense, Kenny has now conquered another important skill... writing a novel. In this episode, Ryan and Kenny discuss how to find great ideas for stories, what he learned from writing his first novel, how pain is a great teacher for writing and creativity, and much more. You can find Kenny and his work at:

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TPW 083: Clare Connelly on 0 to 70 Books in 4 Years

Romance author Clare Connelly had little expectation when she published her first book in 2014. After 70 books, half a million downloads, publishing deals, and a growing fanbase, Clare is living her writing dreams. Join Ryan and Clare as they discuss how she writes so many books despite having young children, her process for being a prolific writer, why spending money on ads and other marketing tactics aren't always necessary, and much, much, more. You can find Clare at:

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TPW 081: Special Edition- How to Dominate National Novel Writing Month?

National Novel Writing Month is about learning how to start and finish your work. How to fight the resistance and get more words on the page. Whether you are participating in this years event, or not, this episode is designed for any aspiring or seasoned novelist. Ryan explores and discusses how NANOWRIMO changed his life, nine tips for rocking NANOWRIMO (or any book), and much more. You can find more writerly resources at:

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TPW 080: William Schlichter on Inspiring the Next Generation of Writers

William Schlichter is an author and teacher who has a passion to inspire the next generation of writers. From his early influence of Star Wars he knew the path of his life was paved... writer, director, or artist. In this interview Ryan and William talk about his award winning screenplays, why this generation is hungry to write, how writing is the best therapy, when you can call yourself a writer, and much more. You can find William at:

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