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TPW Motivation Monday's 019: 3 Reasons for Writing Fiction


In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan draws on the wisdom of fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Is writing fiction a waste of time? Or, does it tap into something deeper and important for the world? Find more writing resources:

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TPW 108: 7 Step Story Structure for Kick-Butt Novels

What elements are essential for a great story? How can we evaluate our stories ensuring they're not just scenes going nowhere? In this episode, Ryan explores the 7 Step Story Structure for writing page turning, kick-butt, and compelling stories... every time. More writing resources:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 018: Outline Your Novel Challenge


In the latest installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan shares a new resource called the Outline Your Novel Challenge. He explains why challenges are good for writing (or anything in life), and how to get involved with the free training launching soon. More writer resources:

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TPW 107: William Turner on the Art of Research for Novels


William Turner is a former Vietnam Vet turned mystery/thriller author. A cruel comment from a teacher in grade school gave William the passion to write great books. He's now the author of two popular novels: Murder in Our Midst and Death Comes for the President. In this interview, Ryan and William discuss the role of research for your novels, how to use critique as fuel for better writing, never giving up the writing dream, and much more. You can find William Turner's books on Amazon. 

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TPW 106: Thien Doan with a Live Book Coaching Session


Dr. Thien Doan is a Christian writer that's known for his nonfiction work. But now, he wants to try his hand at fiction. In this episode, Ryan and Thien do a live coaching session on his fiction work in progress. Listen in as they explore story structure, what makes for good characters, why outlines aren't necessary, trusting your storytelling senses, and much more. Follow Thien and his work:

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TPW Motivation Monday's 017: Write the Book You Can't Write


In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan explores the idea that the project with the most tension, resistance, and fear... might be the one that's most important to start. More writing resources:

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TPW 105: J.P. Choquette on Page Turning Thrillers


J.P. Choquette is an author who pens thrillers that turn pages, not stomachs. She has published several full-length suspense novels, a number of short stories and hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and trade publications during her writing career. In this episode, Ryan and J.P. discuss how to write a page turning thriller, why too many details in your stories is boring, when J.P. almost quit writing and what she learned, and much more. Follow J.P. Choquette and her work:

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TPW 104: Dissecting My First Novel


In this episode, Ryan dissects and analyzes his first novel (Hired Gun) written in 2013. Previous to the episode, Ryan hadn't read a single word from the book since being published in 2015. He will discuss why he no longer uses pen names, the reasons he changed the title and cover, why your first novel is not very good (and it doesn't matter), why most reviews aren't helpful, and much more. Listen in and learn from his mistakes, so you won't do the same. More writing resources:

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TPW 103: Lucas Mangum on Reading and Writing Widely

Lucas Mangum is a horror, literary, and romance writer who loves to blend all three genres together. He also believes in a simple adage: read and write widely, and read and write a lot. Lucas found early success with Flesh and Fire, his debut novel, and then a sequel Blood and Brimstone. But, after having a child, and life getting in the way, Lucas almost gave up the dream. Join Ryan and Lucas as they discuss writing and reading widely, how marketing in person still works, why small press publishing is a great option for authors, and much more. You can find Lucas and his work:

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TPW Monday Motivation's 015: Will Smith on Overcommitting Yourself

In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan finds some writing inspiration from actor, musician, and rapper Will Smith. It may seem counterintuitive, but it might be the motivation we all need to get more words on the page. More writing resources:

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TPW 102: Shashane Wallace on Sacrificing for Your Work


Shashane Wallace is a romance author from Jamaica. In her early years, Wallace didn't have access to many books and didn't think authors existed. Yet, she was determined to write the stories deep in her heart. Listen in as Ryan and Shashane explore the role of sacrifice and passion in your writing, how you can publish great books on a small budget, how she managed to go from $50 a month in sales to $5000 (in one year), and much more. Find Shashane on Facebook:

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TPW 101: Susan Neal on Getting Healthy

Susan Neal is an author, speaker, and wellness coach who is on a mission to reclaim the health of the body of Christ. She combated a health crisis at the age of forty-nine with ten medical diagnoses and two surgeries. Her doctors did all they could but she was still not healed. Susan used her nursing and health science background to heal her body. In this interview, Ryan and Susan chat about her story of losing and regaining her health, how this trauma led to a bestselling book, Susan's in-person marketing strategies, how to use blogging for better book exposure, and much more. You can find Susan Neal at:

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TPW 100: Ella Barnard on Fighting Perfectionism

Ella Barnard is host of the Author Like a Boss podcast, owner of Author Boss Academy, and administrator of the Author Like a Boss FB Group. She’s also an author and publishing coach who loves helping creative people connect with their audiences and with each other. In this episode, Ryan and Ella explore what holds authors back from starting and finishing their books, why marketing doesn't need to be scary, how to find time to write, and much more. Find Ella and get a free marketing book at:

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TPW 099: Rachael Herron on Writing Memoir

Rachael Herron is the internationally bestselling author of more than two dozen books, including thriller (under R.H. Herron), mainstream fiction, feminist romance, memoir, and nonfiction about writing. She received her MFA in writing from Mills College, Oakland, and she teaches writing extension workshops at both UC Berkeley and Stanford. In this interview, Ryan and Rachael talk all things memoir, why to write one, why not to write one, how to discover past memories, and much more. You can find Rachael at:

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TPW 098: Aileen Erin on All Things YA

Aileen has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. After working in commercial editing in Los Angeles for a few years and writing after hours, Aileen decided to leave the industry to dedicate more time to learning the craft. Since then, she’s hit the USA Today Best-Selling list twice, and has moved nearly five hundred thousand books in her Alpha Girl series. In this interview, Ryan and Aileen discuss her unique angle on writing YA, why writing good books is not enough for success, her journey in doing an MFA, and much more. Find Aileen and her books at:

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TPW 097: Greatest Hits Episode with Joe R. Lansdale

*Ryan was not feeling well, so he's doing another Greatest Hits episode with Joe R. Lansdale. One of our most popular shows. This show was recorded June 8, 2018.  

Prolific writer Joe R. Lansdale, has written novels and stories in many genres, including Western, horror, science fiction, mystery, and suspense. He has also written for comics as well as "Batman: The Animated Series." As of 2018, he has written 45 novels and published 30 short-story collections along with many chapbooks and comic-book adaptations. He has much to teach us! Many of Joe's stories have won prestigious awards, Joe was inducted into The Texas Literary Hall of Fame, and several of his novels have been adapted to film. Ryan and Joe chat about what it takes to become a successful writer, why writing is a job, and we should treat it as such, why chasing markets is a bad idea, how to write cleaner first drafts, his process for churning out millions of words, and much more. You can get Joe R. Lansdale's latest updates and find his books at:

TPW Motivation Monday's 012: Everything's on Loan

In this Motivation Monday's, Ryan reflects on a commencement speech by Stephen King. The essence of the talk: everything's on loan, we don't own anything, we're just stewards. How does this relate to our writing life... and all of life? Listen in, and find out. More writing resources at:

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