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TPW Motivation Monday's 010: Know Thy Self Know Thy Season

In the latest installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan discusses the secret for becoming a prolific writer. It has nothing to do with technology, software, or skill. It's all about knowing thy self... and season. More writing resources at: https://www.theprolificwriter.net/

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Know Thy Self… Know Thy Writing Season

A lot of writing advice says to write every day, write at the same time and place, and hit certain daily word counts.

Not bad advice if life was static and our seasons never change. What do I mean?

I’m a dad of four children, that eat all my food, and spend all my money. I’m not mad about it, it is what it is. My season of life.

My children span from one to twelve. They go to bed early and the two younger ones still take naps during the day. When they become teenagers, their bed times will be later, and with more late evening commitments will shift our family rhythms.

I also have a wife I like. And would like to say married to. What I know about my lovely bride is that she goes to bed early. Has for the last eighteen years. I’m more of a night owl.

My writing time is mostly late in the evenings when everyone is off to bed.

I’ve tried early mornings, but my biology says no thank you, and with little humans waking up at the wee hours, it’s not workable.

The point?

Know thy self and know thy season of life.