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TPW 073: How to Start a Writing and Publishing Business?

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? In this episode, Ryan shares his Two Page Publishing Business Plan for shifting from a hobbyist writer to building an empire with your words. Ryan walks through step-by-step the vital questions to ask when starting your publishing business. You can find more writing resources at: https://theprolificwriter.net

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Questions to Ask (Two Page Biz Plan):

  • What kind of books do I sell?

  • Who is my ideal reader?

  • How will my books help people?

  • How much will they cost?

  • How will I distribute books to readers?

  • What other ways can I make money from my books?

  • How will people hear about my books?

  • What is my version of success?

  • What is my yearly production schedule?

  • What obstacles do I have right now?

  • How will I solve these problems?

  • What other details must I consider?