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TPW Motivation Monday's 017: Write the Book You Can't Write


In this installment of Motivation Monday's, Ryan explores the idea that the project with the most tension, resistance, and fear... might be the one that's most important to start. More writing resources:

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Keep Your Writing Time Sacred

Most humans use a calendar. We schedule our meetings, appointments, social events, and anything of first importance. These commitments once scribed with ink or digital application aren’t up for negotiation. The time allotted for these meetings only rearranged in dire circumstances.

What if we treated our writing time with the same sacredness?

If you’re a professional writer and slinging words provides your livelihood, I’m sure your calendar is your friend. But for those who write, want to write, or want to take their writing to the next level, your writing time must become sacred.

Only under extreme circumstances will we allow an outside invader come and steal time away from our writing date. I’m not a legalist, and know things happen, where writing isn’t our highest priority.

But what if we flipped the narrative on our writing goals and dreams? Instead of fitting in our writing time whenever the calendar allowed (which never happens). Instead of squeezing in a few words here and there while the kid’s sleep.

Why not put our writing time on the calendar and treat it like every other appointment? Why not give the kids away for adoption (not really, just seeing if you’re paying attention)?

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No excuses people, you can do it!