L. Bachman

TPW 077: L. Bachman on Working on Your Craft

At a young age, L. Bachman started creating stories and art. This form of expression led to becoming a published author with the stories Maxwell DemonHuman Ouija, and Harvest. She has also been included in several anthologies. Bachman is also a popular cover designer. In this episode, Ryan and L. discuss her early influences in horror and dark fantasy, how to become a better storyteller, why writing is not a get-rick-quick profession, and much much, more. You can find J. Bachman and her work at: https://www.lbachman.com/bio

Prolific Writer Tips:

  • Work on your craft.

  • Connect with readers on an emotional level.

  • Don't bore readers.

  • It's okay not to write.

  • Make characters believable. 

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