Jay Wilburn

TPW 079: Armand Rosamilia and Jay Wilburn on Collaborative Storytelling

Prolific writers and podcasters Armand Rosamilia and Jay Wilburn return for an enlightening conversation about collaborative storytelling. Armand and Jay have written hundreds of stories and in the last few years have worked together on four novels. In this episode, Jay and Armand discuss their latest work: Yard Full of Bones. They explore the genesis of the story, how they write a novel together, what to consider in collaborative storytelling, and much more. You can find Yard Full of Bones, and Jay's and Armand's other work on Amazon.

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TPW 023: Jay Wilburn on Writing Through the Pain

Horror author Jay Wilburn was born with a genetic kidney disorder. Later in his adult life Jay would feel the weight of a kidney not functioning at full capacity. Fresh off a kidney transplant... Jay takes an honest look at writing, pain, and how to keep on going when your body is breaking down. You will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired when you consider the story and journey of writer Jay Wilburn. You can find Jay and all his musings and work at: www.jaywilburn.com.