Is Writing Ability a Gift?

Somewhere around junior high the great divide happens. We say it to our kid’s, and teachers say it to their students:

Molly is the Artist, and Billy is the Math-Guy.

Jack is creative and an artist type, and Ryan isn’t.

Sorry, Billy. Molly can go paint, and Billy, well, go do math problems.

I heard it. Maybe you did too.

A common scenario which raises the age old question of nature versus nurture, God given talent, and mere grit and will power.

Is writing ability a gift from God, or something else?

Common sense would say: yes, some people are endowed from the gods above with artistic ability, and some aren’t. It is what it is, Billy.

But I’ve seen many writers and creatives have their dreams crushed because of this line of thinking. A well-meaning teacher or loved one who says: sorry kid, drawing or writing isn’t your thing. Maybe accounting?

Not a month goes by on my podcast when someone doesn’t say: I wish I would’ve written my book sooner.

Somewhere along the line their hopes and dreams of writing dashed because someone told them their ability to write, well, was not their gift.

Is it true? Is our ability to write and create dependent on the gifts and talents given to us at birth?

Yes, and no.