7 Questions with Jerry Nelson

1. Why do you write?

Because I can’t do anything else.

I don’t mean I’m physically challenged in any way. I can do and have done, many different things in life.

But writing has always been a mainstay for me. At times writing has been locked away and kept hidden from even family and very close friends, but it always came out of the vault. Sometimes with a roar. Sometimes with a murmur. But writing for me has been a wolf in a trap, willing to go to any length to raise its head and scream for attention.

Part of me is still five-years-old. Remember how you presented your mom with the latest drawing in elementary school? You waited on her to ooh and ahh before relegating it to a place of honor on the fridge door.

That’s still me.

The money is nice, but the thrill and excitement of seeing my name my byline on something that is on the world’s fridge’s door.

Nothing else brings me the same contentment.

2. When you get stuck and are staring at the blank page. What steps do you take for moving ahead?

I don’t get many chances to stare at a blank page. The type of writing I mainly do is for clients. They decide the topic, so that doesn’t leave much room for blank pages and staring.

On the rare occasion, I want to write something, just for myself and am looking for inspiration, Reddit is a nice tool and so is Quora.

I also use Twitter as a muse. With a quarter-million fans and followers, I just have to send one tweet and the problem goes from “what do I write about,” to “which one of these great ideas do I write about?” So maybe it’s the same problem, just dressed differently.