10 Confessions for the Prolific Writer

What will it take to make it as a writer? Well crafted sentences? Maybe. How about marketing savvy? Sure.

With all the noise on the internet, social media, and the plethora of publishing platforms. How will the average writer get noticed?

My core belief is the prolific writer wins in the end.

What’s that you say?

It’s a new tribe of people who aren’t content with your One… Next Great American Novel. They are writing a novel a month.

The tribe of prolific writers aren’t satisfied with one genre, one stream of writing income, or making excuses for having a consistent writing habit.

These crazy people will not allow their blog to languish in the sea of dead ones. They will produce, work, and make art consistently.

Maybe even daily.

In the last year I’ve interviewed some of the most prolific writers on the planet. Some who’ve written twenty, thirty, forty, and even two hundred books. People who live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US, and in small and big cities.

Some of these prolific cowboys are young and some are grandparents, some men and some women. My guests have included people who make six figures… wait for it… a month, off their writing. Yep, that’s right.

These writing bandits make a great living and provide for their families…others are just getting started and will be there soon.

The point is just this… Yes, it’s noisy in the blogosphere… yes, it’s loud on the inter-webs. But the ones who will rise to the top are The Prolific Writers of the world. The grinders, producers, hustlers, and hard hat creatives who put on the work gloves, safety glasses, and don’t wait for the Muse to show up.